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You know it when he walks into the room. He is that guy, the one women swoon over and every guy secretly wants to be. It's as if he has some type of magic he can wield creating whatever reality he wants. He leads the life every guy fantasizes about; power, respect, prestige, social proof, acceptance, trust. He is the A-lister.


Congratulations, you have just discovered what could be the catalyst to all your dreams, propelling you to unbelievable new heights!

Soon you will be the man that has his pick of nearly any woman and that every guy secretly desires to be. You will be surrounded by those who seek out your companionship. Your family and friends will look to you for advice and hang on your every word. Your coworkers will trust and respect you as the leader of men. You will have garnered the success that every man endeavors to achieve.


"I have to say this stuff is alpha personified, but this is smooth juice."


You now have the opportunity to "Ascend" the ladder.

There are countless ALPHA-male pheromone products on the market today and many are excellent, but what sets "Ascend-XS" apart from the rest and is it the right pheromone blend for you?

To answer this valid, important question I believe we first must define what is an ALPHA-male. The Free Online Dictionary defines Alpha as:

al·pha  (lf)
1. The first letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. The first one; the beginning.
3. Chemistry The first position from a designated carbon atom in an organic molecule at which an atom or radical may be substituted.
4. Astronomy The brightest or main star in a constellation.
5. The mathematical estimate of the return on a security when the return on the market as a whole is zero. Alpha is derived from a in the formula Ri = a + bRm, which measures the return on a security (Ri) for a given return on the market (Rm) where b is beta.

1. Being the highest ranked or most dominant individual of one's sex. Used of social animals: the alpha female of the wolf pack.
2. Chemistry Closest to the functional group of atoms in an organic molecule.
3. Alphabetical.


However life is not as simple as being able to define it with dictionary terms. For if it was that easy we really wouldn't need the unique ability of chemical signals influencing our perception of one another.

On the other hand there's a dynamic community of like-minded men offering assistance to other men looking to better their understanding of dating. We study the trending interactions of one another, we read psychology, we experiment, we take it upon ourselves to propel us further into human interactions. We push ourselves to seek out challenges and accept them as fuel to feed our unquenchable desire of knowledge and understanding.

So then, how would this group define what an ALPHA-male is:

Alpha Male Of Group

  • A socially comfortable male who competes with other men for a woman.
  • A male who interferes with another males interaction with a woman to prevent that male from obtaining attraction.
  • To remove a potential male competitor-through physical, verbal, or psychological tactics from a group of women.
  • A male who stands out by wearing outlandish clothing or getup.
  • A male who is the loudest in the room

You've probably run across quite a few of these guys if you've been out of the house at all. You cannot go to a club or bar without running into at least a few. They seem to be proliferating the dating scene and now even TV Reality shows are sensationalizing these archetypes. You see all the guys wearing the same clothing believing that by conforming to what they've read in a book is setting them apart as distinct. It's not!

Okay, we now have the dictionary definition of what an ALPHA-male is and what most guys believe an ALPHA-male is. The problem here, as I see it, is that all of these require you to become something or someone who you aren't or don't want to become anyway.

How many times have we all said why can't they just like me for me?

It's been my passion over the last 5 years to create pheromone mixes that not just work, but enable me to be the man I already am and indeed have women like me for me.

I believe that every person has an innate ability to learn, accept and change, but many times we are to quick to simply adapt and compromise. To achieve true wisdom and meaning to your life you must first learn to completely accept yourself for everything you are and are not. Your transformation into an alpha-male must be anchored in the core principals and traits passed down through generations of men. Father to son, brother to brother, man to man these principals are based on truth, integrity, respect, chivalry, love, self-esteem and most importantly passion. You do not need to give up any of these to have all the incredible, magnificent women you want in your life.

I believe you can be anything you set your mind to being without giving up what makes you, you. Many self-help books, whether for dating, sex, or what have you, give you an outline on how to become somebody else. They work under the premise that you need to let go of who you are to follow in someone else's shoes. To give up your identity, to become another person completely. There are even reality TV shows now for this type of "help."

I say that's complete BULLSHIT!


What sets "Ascend-XS male pheromone blend" apart from the rest and is it the right pheromone blend for you?

Ascend-XS male pheromone blend was developed over several years with many improvements along the way. My initial goal was to smooth out the rough edges in my life, but very soon, Ascend-XS male pheromone blend took on a life all its own. With 9 unique pheromones you get all the elements of a successful, calm, confident male that exudes attraction with his very essence of being.

Carefully mixed molecules at precise levels deliver an advanced pheromone formula that creates an aura of attraction that cannot be denied. Just walking into a room you will effortlessly draw attention and desire. Women will naturally gravitate towards you and men will stand in awe secretly wanting to be you.


"Plenty of friendliness and respect from strangers. Strangers were extremely helpful and deferential when I walked up and asked them questions. Girls were friendly and made lots of eye contact. A bit of hair twirling, and an apparent memory-imprint effect. Good stuff. I want more."

Where many pheromone blends fail though and Ascend-XS sets itself apart from the pack, is just how smooth and believable this aura is.
Ascend-XS male pheromone blend delivers where others fail! The single most attractive trait a male can have is confidence. There is  however, a big difference between confidence and cockiness and most guys just don't get it. With Ascend-XS male pheromone blend you are able to bridge that gap without having to worry about overdoing it or worse having the pheromones  push you over that line.

Ascend-XS male pheromone blend lets you be you while creating attraction by accenting your most favorable traits. You will make an indelible impression on those you come in contact you. They will remember you as a man they want to spend time with. Someone who is to respected and trusted. Mothers have gone so far as to "set up" their daughters with me when wearing Ascend-XS male pheromone blend.

When you wear Ascend-XS male pheromone blend you make an impression that counts.


Ascend-XS is more than just jaw-dropping attraction, its your guarantee to "Ascend" the social and business ladder.


"What I am sure of is that my boss was very friendly and pleased with me today. Okay, so you have to understand that my boss is usually very bitchy and complainish. He is bound and determined to find something that you did wrong and tell you about it no matter what, every day without fail. Well today was different. Today my boss told me what a good job I was doing . . . How I was "the Man" for doing what I did everyday. Most certainly not normal behavior from Mr. Micromanagement that's for sure."

While many men use pheromones to get an edge over the competition in the dating game, Ascend-XS male pheromone blend gives that same razor-sharp edge in the business world too. Providing you with the necessary tools to "ascend" the corporate ladder opening up opportunities where once only closed doors stood. You will be admired for your calm, confident manner and the smoothness in which you go about in your business. Others will find in you a sense leadership and trust they can count on to get the job done. You might even be surprised just how easy Ascend-XS male pheromone blend makes your business life.


Is Ascend-XS magic or will I have to do anything?


Ascend-XS is not magic and despite what some pheromone producers want you to believe you still will need to do your part. Ascend-XS gives you an advantage over the other guys. It creates a sense of confident attraction amongst your peers and those around you. You will notice notice numerous  attraction and trust signals when you are out, but you will need to capitalize on these opportunities. Just like wearing a new shirt or rocking a fresh haircut. If you stand against the wall of a dance club with a frown watching everyone else have fun you will be left out. However might a slight effort to talk and smile and you will be amazed at what transcribes before you. Your conversations with coworkers and women will glide smoothly.

Some indicators that Ascend-XS is working are:

  • People call you sir
  • More eye contact
  • Women will twirl or play with their hair
  • They will hand you the bill when you are out with a group
  • People will stop just to hear what you have to say
  • Coworkers will do what you ask them to without questioning why
  • Strangers will compliment you
  • Women will smile at you
  • Your boss will trust you to get the job done
  • Women will double look when you enter the room
  • Strangers will trust you more than is reasonable to trust a stranger
  • Women will be in a sense of awe when you talk to them
  • You will be handed the wine list when out
  • Boss will ask for your opinion on important matters
  • People will attempt to impress you
  • When in groups people will wait for your decision
  • Women will go out of their way to say hello
  • You will see more skin than is normal
  • Deliberate invasion of personal space
  • Sticking around you like glue


Who created Ascend-XS blend?


Ascend-XS male pheromone blend began as a personal project of Steve Osborn, a pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast, several years ago. It started its life code-named after the actor Clark Gable, attempting to encompass all of his masculinity and yet remain chivalrous. Over the years, as its creator matured, so did the pheromone blend itself. Constant tweaks and improvements bring us to the Ascend-XS formula of today.

With 9 unique pheromones it captures the traits of an alpha-male, while encompassing those less known, often overlooked characteristics, such as purpose, gentlemanliness and charisma amongst others.

My personal journey to become an alpha-male and attract women into my life took me in many directions. I practiced pua techniques, read every book and spent thousands on programs to educate myself on what an alpha-male is. I found some very good information in-between tons of absolute crap. What I learned from all the effort put forth was that an alpha-male is a person who is comfortable and accepting of not just others, but what is more important, himself.

Its not merely a behavior, but its a series of attributes possessed by every alpha-male. There are men of the belief that it can be faked but I can assure you it cannot. You already have the inherent qualities of an alpha-male and Ascend-XS unambiguously accentuates those.

With Ascend-XS you do not need to fake being anything you are not. You are revered as a man in balance with his mind, body and spirit. Someone whose words are soft, but energetic, humble but content. You are stern but loving. Perhaps described by many as a hero amongst true men, you'd simply prefer to be recognized as just a man.




Each Ascend-XS bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built-in dropper top containing: AndrosteRONE, Beta-AndrosteNOL, AndrostANONE, AndrostENONE, DHEAS, Alpha-TDOC, AndrostaDIENONE, Alpha-AndrosteANOL, Copulins, Dipropelyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

9 Unique pheromones per bottle.
Approximately just under 300 drops per bottle.

Results should  last 8-10 hours at 1-3 drops applied to clean dry skin.
This product does not contain any fragrance except the natural odors of the pheromones.

All pheromoneXS pheromone products come UNSCENTED unless you specifically add a cover scent by selecting one as an option. Please remember that pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and as such may not be very pleasant smelling to yourself or those around you. pheromoneXS believes you should have a choice in what you use as a cover scent and only offers cover scents as an option. The choice is your decision, just how we like it.


Getting the absolute best results from Ascend-XS!

Ascend-XS is not a one-size fits all pheromone blend unlike many of the cookie cutter products available. I am a firm believer and advocate that we all are unique and have varying degrees of alpha-traits. As such Ascend-XS pheromone blend for men compensates for our lacks while accentuating our stronger assets. That's why its designed to be worn from as little as one drop to as many as four to five.

The most common application is 2 drops which will last up to 10 hours in optimal settings. On average if you used 2 drops daily you would get almost 6 months of continued usage. Most guys do not wear pheromones every day, but rather take a day or two off weekly or mix their pheromone signature up by incorporating other blends into their mixes.

To ensure you get the absolute best results from your Ascend-XS you will want to experiment and discover your sweet spot. Start with just one drop and go about your day. You should continue with wearing just one drop each day for a few days. Take a day off. Next wear 2 drops each day for a few days. Go on about your business everyday for an additional few days. Take another day off and continue with 3 or more subsequent drops.

The idea is to discover for yourself where the best results come from. Again most guys sweet spot is about 2 drops but everyone is different. If you get the same results with 2 drops as you do with 3, then stick with the two. With pheromones more is not better. In the chart below you will see that 3 drops are just as good as two drops.

With this method you will also learn when one drop would be more effective  than with more. Over time you will become an expert in understanding social dynamics as you "ascend" the corporate and attraction ladders.




The whole process can take as little as one week to accomplish. You are taking a day off in between test days to juxtapose peoples reactions to you when you are wearing Ascend-XS pheromone blend for men to the days you are not.


Properly using the built in dropper on the Ascend-XS bottle:

  1. Twist open the safety sealed cap to open the bottle.
  2. Turn the bottle over holding the center of it over your index finger, but careful so as not to touch your finger.
  3. A drop will form on the bottle usually after a few seconds, although the first drop might take a bit longer.
  4. Its important to wait for a complete drop to form and drop to your finger.
  5. Use the drop to spread along the area you commonly wear cologne. Most guys this is somewhere on the wrist or neck
  6. Repeat until desired drops are used.

In just under a minute a day you have potentially changed your entire day from one of the group to the leader of the group.


Please leave me your feedback so I can continue to improve!

If you are interested in reading what others are saying about pheromoneXS products, check out the independent, uncensored pheromone forum at: These are real reviews by real people and is unaffiliated with pheromoneXS other than people who have discovered us and posting their personal reviews there. We would still appreciate if you took a moment to post your review here for quick access. All reviews are subject to a delay before appearing to prevent SPAM. Thank you for your consideration


Content AndrosteRONE, Beta-AndrosteNOL, AndrostANONE, AndrostENONE, DHEAS, Alpha-TDOC, AndrostiDIENONE, Alpha-AndrosteNOL, Copulins, Dipropelyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).
Unique Pheromones 9 Unique Pheromones per bottle.
Total Pheromones 300 Mg Pheromones per bottle
Number Of Sprays/Drops Approximately just under 300 drops per bottle.

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PheromoneXS - Pheromones to change your life

You have just discovered the worlds only pheromone store created by a pheromone enthusiast with only one goal in mind - products that work!

Men and Women everywhere will feel your presence when you enter the room. You will be the center of attention, the A-Lister everyone wants to be with, or just be.

A note from SteveO
Enthusiast, Hobbyist, Founder

Dear fellow pheromone enthusiast,

My journey into the world of pheromones began in the late 1980’s while living in Europe. A pimply faced, overweight teenager navigating a foreign landscape while believing in his heart and soul that there were two types of men in the world: the bad-boy who was getting laid of which I definitely was not, and the good guy who desperately wanted attention but none was to be had. Its a scenario that every man and woman lives out as a part of growing up. We feel as if we either conform to the world or get left behind.

One day I happened upon a sex-pheromone with the primary ingredient of Androstenone. The packaging guaranteed I would get laid - I did not! Another broken promise in what seemed like a vicious cycle. I was certain I would never break the secret code of the bad-boys club and I would be relegated to porn and masterbation.

My adventure into pheromones was tumultuous, filled with expensive smelly junk consisting of more hype than reality and yet there was science backing it up. I continued to search and read. It seemed the products were a far cry away from the actual scientific data published.

The information released was significant, enough so that mainstream magazines, news stations, and universities were dedicating time and money to research the potentials. Someone had to bridge that gap.

After many years of formulas big on promises, big on costs, with little to no discernible results I was about to throw in the towel. Fortunately, in January 2007, I discovered the science is real and a new, promising world was thrust open. Pheromones worked, and wow-did they ever!

For the first time in my life I was able to be that nice guy, without having to play games, wear silly get-ups, become a jerk, or just fake being somebody I was not and still get the girl. Pheromones allowed me to be me!

At pheromoneXS the formulas are designed for real-world scenarios by an enthusiast and hobbyist first and foremost. Everything created on this site is something I personally wear and have used myself with one goal in mind - it works!

I personally guarantee it. You are either completely satisfied with what I have created or return it for your money back. You can read the 45 day Money Back No-Questions Asked Guarantee here in its entirety.

Please check out all the 100% real testimonials and feedback generated and buy with confidence. You will soon posses some of the worlds greatest pheromone blends and be able to break the code of why some people have all the luck in love.

Now is your time.



At pheromoneXS, my mission is to deliver the finest pheromone blends available. I am a pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist and everything here is something I personally wear, or have designed for my family and friends. This approach provides me the unique opportunity to offer you revolutionary pheromone blends, designed to enthrall you, invigorate you, but most importantly, work as you expect them to work. I personally guarantee pheromoneXS products will change your life!

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